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Recycling food waste is a key consideration for the restaurant and hotel sector because disposing of this waste to landfill is fast becoming an expensive option in light of ever-increasing landfill tax, being an unsustainable approach.

Food waste recycling can actually have a positive affect on restaurants’ and hotels’ bottom lines; taking food out of the general waste streams can drastically reduce the amount going to landfill. As the market leader in food waste recycling, Bord na Móna Recycling understands these issues and can work with you to implement an effective resource management programme that treats all waste.

We have a range of business plans geared specifically towards the hospitality industry. Whether your business is a guesthouse, a hotel or a whole estate of properties, Bord na Móna Recycling offers you improved service, strong cost control, traceability on waste and our guarantee that we put our customers first every time.