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9 January 2018
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Tyres have a very long lifespan once removed from service. They are made from non-biodegradable material and not suitable for landfill. Recent environmental issues surrounding end of life tyres has featured heavily in the media and the awareness of such environmental concerns are growing. Unfortunately, the country has experienced a considerable amount of illegal dumping and stockpiling of tyres. When not properly recycled and processed, the stockpiles of tyres have the potential of becoming a fire hazard. Should a fire break out in a stockpile the environmental issues are immense, releasing toxic fumes & smoke from the fire plus possible damage to the locality.

Tyres are 100% recyclable – processed into rubber granulate and powders or processed separately as metals and textiles. Tyre recycling transforms a priority waste stream into valuable resources by processing them into a broad range of cost-effective materials. It saves thousands of barrels of petroleum per year – reducing dependence on natural resources for materials. Today, most of the rubber used in tyre manufacturing is petroleum-based synthetic rubber (SBR). A new passenger car tyre contains the equivalent of ±30 litres of oil, while an average new truck tyre requires an equivalent of ±93 litres. Substantial differences are also noted in regards to CO2 and energy consumption.

The Irish tyre industry generates approximately 60,000 tonnes of waste tyres on an annual basis on the island of Ireland; 45,000 tonnes South and 15,000 tonnes North. As a non-biodegradable material, this volume of redundant tyres requires an innovative solution and as Ireland’s only tyre recycling facility we are best placed to provide it. Our service is to ensure that Combesgate’s facility offers total recycling options to the industry within a compliant and cost-effective framework. Our unique provision is that of generating additional valuable product streams from the recycling processes we engage in.

As recyclers and remanufacturers of end of life tyres, removing them totally from the waste stream and creating brand new useable products, we are the only facility in Ireland to produce a full range of rubber granulate suitable for many end market uses. This circular process produces innovative eco products for many sectors which include agricultural, equestrian, child care, leisure, sports and more. These products are currently supplied to various outlets across Ireland and in the near future into the UK and Europe.

Natural RubberSBRRecycled Rubber
CO2 equivalent to produce 1kg of rubberNatural Rubber4,351 ppmSBR3,409 ppmRecycled Rubber0,097 ppm
The production of 1 tonne of rubber requires the same amount of energy to drive fromNatural Rubber11,000kmSBR15,000kmRecycled Rubber400km