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27 February 2019
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Bord na Móna Recycling Staff, customers and Lily O’Briens open their hearts for Crumlin Children’s hospital and donate €2790.

This Valentine’s Day, Bord na Móna Recycling came together with Lily O’Briens to support The Children’s Medical and Research Foundation (CMRF Crumlin). Lily O’Briens kindly donated delicious chocolate hearts for the Bord na Móna Recycling team to sell to staff. The Bord na Móna Recycling team raised €290 for CMRF Crumlin and Bord na Móna Recycling are delighted to say, that with your help by making payments online of over €20, we have donated an additional €2500 to the children’s hospital.

Alison Reynolds, Corporate Development Manager for CMRF, said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to Bord na Móna Recycling for supporting some of Ireland’s sickest children. Amazing donations like this allow CMRF Crumlin to invest in treatments, technology and research to help fight childhood illness. Thank you to everyone in Bord na Móna Recycling.”

On any one night, 185 children will stay overnight in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin. 150,000 young patients attend the hospital every year. One in 100 children in Ireland are born with a structural heart defect, many of them will spend time on the cardiac ward in Crumlin known as the Children’s Heart Centre, the national centre for paediatric cardiology. The average stay for a cardiac patient is 5.5 days. However, if a patient requires a heart transplant then that stay could be 6-8 months in the Children’s Heart Centre.

In a statement CMRF Crumlin said: “Some of these little patients will have to fight for their first breath. Others will need medical treatment, hospital stays and surgeries in their first months of life. Some will battle acute illness throughout their childhood. It will take their smiles, the magic and wonder of their lives, their innocence, their health, their precious family moments, their fun and sometimes even their young lives.”

Donations are always welcome to the Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, and can be given directly at