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9 July 2024
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As a pet owner, it is important to be aware of the potential hazards that can arise on waste collection days. Many pets are easily frightened by the loud noise and unusual activity, which can cause them to become agitated and leave their house. This has the potential to lead to traffic accidents and injuries to our employees.
What can you do to create a safer environment?

Keep your pet inside –
One of the simplest ways to ensure your pet’s safety during waste collection days is to keep them inside the house or in a secure room away from the front of the house, where the collection activity is most noticeable.

Secure Entry Points –
Close all windows and doors to prevent pets from escaping the house. Make sure that all fences and gates are secure so that pets cannot escape your yard. Check for any gaps or weak spots that might allow pets to get out.

Monitor Noise and Stress Levels –
Provide your pet with comfort items such as their favorite toys, blankets, or bedding to help reduce anxiety caused by the noise of waste collection trucks. Play calming music or use white noise machines to mask the sounds of the waste collection if your pet is particularly sensitive to noise.

When Taking Pets Outside –
If you need to take your pet outside during collection hours, use a lead or harness to keep them close and under control. This prevents them from running towards the waste collection trucks or workers.
Securing your pet during waste collection days is essential for both their safety and well-being and that of our employees. By following these simple tips, you can help create a safer environment for everyone involved.