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EASi – An environmentally sustainable waste management system

The EASi System

At Bord na Móna our vision is for a climate neutral Ireland by 2050. We want to help create a brighter future where Ireland has reached net zero, that’s why we are continually innovating to bring more sustainable waste management solutions to our partners. We are proud to introduce the EASi-System, a revolutionary environmentally friendly waste management system which uses the patented EASi-Bag, the world’s first post consumer recycled operational bag Designed and made in Ireland and underpinned by an unrivalled knowledge of solving waste issues in the Irish market the EASi-System is a cost effective and economical solution that can reduce your carbon footprint in excess of 94.55%. Driven by innovation it is fully sustainable and the most low maintenance and clean system on the market. It results in a cleaner, smaller, neater and more sustainable waste environment compared to regular compactors or bin collection services. With EASi, you take control of your waste by effortlessly turning the negatives commonly associated with waste management into positives. Managing your waste has never been so easy.

Site Benefits

Cleaner Waste Environment

Through the EASi-Bag, substantial quantities of waste can be neatly stored in discrete areas, with their patented seal providing security and safety. The bags are hydrophobic to contain smells and prevent spillages associated with bins, making the EASi-System the most hygienic way to manage waste. The EASi-Bag is fully sustainable and traceable, allowing you to save up to an additional 1200 kgs of CO2 e annually. Our blockchain creates a transparent audit trail. We provide you with continual reporting, helping you increase segregation at source, reduce carbon and reach your sustainability goals.

Space Saving

Compact but mighty, the EASi compactor is only the size of half a car parking space and fits in the tightest of places, making it ideal for locations with no commercial value. One EASi collection bag stores the equivalent of ten large wheelie bins removing the need for multiple bins on site or large waste room areas on your site. Significant cost savings can be made as the maintenance, labour and upkeep costs associated with multiple waste rooms is removed, allowing these areas to be used for more commercial enterprise whilst reducing development embodied and operational CO2e.

Collection Flexibility

Due to its substantial capacity you are no longer dependent on your waste contractor to provide capacity or tied to set collection dates. The EASi will enable you the capacity to cope with peaks and troughs in your waste demands. When the bag is full you will simply be able to change it, affording you the ability to push out collection schedules as needed. What’s more, getting into hard to reach or traffic/weight restricted areas isn’t an issue. Any vehicle that can carry a tonne bag of sand can collect the EASi bags.

Reduced Collection

The EASi system dramatically reduces the time required for on-site collections. Collections are now quicker, fewer and tailored to your needs. Collections will be required, on average, 60% less frequently than traditional services due to the large bag capacity. This also results in a reduction in the on-site collection time and costs associated with the manual transportation of waste. The EASi system can reduce your carbon footprint in excess of 94.5%, whilst reducing secondary emissions from surrounding traffic due to less frequent site servicing.

As EASi as 1-2-3!

Using the compactor is as easy as 1-2-3! Simply open the access door, place your waste inside, and close it again. Designed with safety in mind, a built-in diffuser emits a soothing scent when the door is opened. Once closed sensors detect the drop, and the waste is compacted.

Energy Efficiency

Installing the EASi is as simple as plugging it in. It uses a standard electricity supply and a standard socket. The daily power required is less than the energy used to boil a kettle, drastically cutting the energy costs and removing the cost of installing expensive cabling.

"Using our new PCR bags our customers can save up to an additional 1200 kgs of CO2 e annually"

The EASi-System is the ideal solution for the following industries; offices, apartments, light industry, hospitals, colleges, large campuses, retail shopping centers and multi-tenanted buildings.


Our dedicated support team is by your side from pre-planning to aftercare, overseeing site survey, delivery, installation and after sales support. And our certified global Ecovadis sustainability rating gives you peace of mind, knowing that the EASi is recognised as one of the world’s most sustainable products. 

EASi Brochure

Download the EASi brochure today to learn more about this innovation in waste management.

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POWER SUPPLY 1 PH – Single Phase 230v
COMPACTOR SIZE (METRE) 2.1 m² (approx)

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