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EASi – An environmentally sustainable waste management system

Save money and space with our waste compactor that radically reduces your waste and saves you time, money and space

Managing your waste is EASi

EASi is a revolutionary waste management system that is fully sustainable. The carefully structured system effortlessly takes everything you dislike about waste management and flips it upside down.

With EASi, you can take control of your waste by introducing the most sustainable, low maintenance and clean system available.

Everything is considered, from inflated costs and lack of space to storage and collection issues, bad smells and, of course, the impact on the environment.

Reduce your costs - Save space - Keep your waste space clean

Ease of Collections & Reduced Frequency

This innovative system dramatically reduces the time required for on-site collections. EASi will enable you the capacity to cope with peaks and troughs in your waste demands. The large bag capacity allows for the reduction in the collections frequency. When the bag is full you will simply be able to change it. Collections will be required, on average, 60% less frequently than traditional services.

Space Saving

EASi is really, very small – just the size of half a car parking space. One EASi collection bag stores the equivalent of ten large wheelie bins, saving you lots of floor space.

Easy Installation and Usability

Installing the EASi is as simple as plugging it in. It uses a standard electricity supply and a standard socket.

The daily power required is less than the energy used to boil a kettle, drastically cutting the energy costs and removing the cost of installing expensive cabling.

Cleaner Waste Environment

EASi-Bags are designed to store waste for extended periods of time. They are hydrophobic to contain smells and prevent spillages usually associated with bins. Each new bag is fresh and clean, with no more dirty or broken bins on site. Another unique features of the EASi is UV disinfection, this provides a sterile environment without the need for harsh chemicals.

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