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2 July 2024
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Summer is here and Bord na Móna Recycling is excited to announce the launch of our Summer Safety Campaign, aimed at raising awareness and promoting safe practices on collection days. Over the course of the summer eight key areas will be profiled with practical information provided to help maintain a safe environment for both our employees and the communities we serve.

Topics include;


1. Animals: We’ll be sharing important safety information and discussing the importance of ensuring pets are secured when our waste collection trucks are in your area.

2. Pedestrian Safety: With increased outdoor activities during the summer, we will be sharing ways in which pedestrians can stay vigilant during waste collection days.

3. BBQ Safety: Summer barbecues are a beloved tradition, however it’s essential to dispose of hot coals and ashes safely to avoid potential fires. We will be sharing tips for their safe removal.

4. Battery Disposal: Improper disposal of batteries can lead to dangerous fires. We’ll be sharing tips and recycling points near you to ensure you can dispose of batteries safely and prevent hazardous incidents.

5. Skip Safety: If you’re planning a home renovation or clear-out, we’ll be sharing essential safety information including what can and cannot be placed in skips, the importance of not overfilling skips and why it’s necessary to keep them clear of pedestrian walkways.

6. Sun/Glare Effects: Bright sunlight and glare can impair visibility for our drivers. We’ll be sharing information on why it’s important to be patient and give our trucks extra space on sunny days.

7. Blind Spots: We’ll be sharing information on why it’s important to always be aware of the blind spots around our waste collection trucks. If you cannot see our driver, the driver may not be able to see you.

8. Parking/Congestion: Blocked roads can prevent our trucks from accessing bins. We’ll be sharing information on why it’s important to park considerately to provide enough space for trucks to maneuver safely without obstruction and avoid parking in ways that obstruct our waste collection routes.

By following these #summersafety guidelines, together we can enjoy a safer summer season.